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360 Connect


360 Connect is an awesome match three game that involves both skill, timing and precision. Will you be able to keep removing the numbered blocks from the grid in this challenging and fast-paced puzzle game? You must attempt to match three of the same colored hexagons together but you must also do this in a certain number of rotations. Are you ready for a whole new puzzle challenge? 360 Connect is a revolutionary combination of hexagonal match-3, number puzzle, and exciting arcade gameplay. Each time the third hexagon makes a complete circle, the timer decreases. You can increase this timer by successfully matching three hexagons together. Colored, numbered tiles circle a game board consisting of 19 hexagonal cells. Your task is to place the tiles in such a way that three or more equal tiles merge to form a higher value tile. The faster you combine, the more points you get. You’ll need to shoot them into the correct spots while they spin. You don’t have much time and only a certain number of moves in each level, so you’ll have to stay on your toes! Be sure to place the tiles before they complete a circle, or you lose a move. The game is over when no more tiles can be placed or you have no more moves. There is a myriad of levels to play and the gameplay and graphics are fantastic. Can you master this unique match-three game? Each result also increases your experience bar. Each level-up gives you an additional move and therefore a better chance to beat the highscore. Play 360 Connect now for free, train your cognitive skills and prove your superiority to your friends!

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Click or Tap.

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4/9/2019 5:00:08 PM

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360 Connect

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360 Connect Walkthrough Video - How to Play?