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8 Ball Billiards Classic


Train your billiard skills and play against the computer or your friend in this 8 Ball Pool sports game! Select a difficulty that matches your abilities and start pocketing the balls. The higher the difficulty, the higher the bonus points you receive when you win a match. Grab a cue stick and strike colorful balls. Use cue to hit 16 balls against each other and make them fall into the pockets placed around the sides of the table. There are 2 different types of balls, fully covered with paint and the ones which have white areas on them. Aim carefully and use the zoom to adjust the spin of the cue ball. Drag the billiard cue to control the power and try to earn as many points as possible! Train your 8 ball pool skills in this classic version of the billiards game. Challenge the computer or a friend as you try to be the first to sink all of your balls and then the black 8 ball. Keep sinking your balls until someone is declared a winner. 8 Ball Billiards Classic is a fun sports game in which you can try your hand at Billiards! This game allows you to play against either an AI computer opponent or one of your friends or family in a fantastic 2 player mode. Whichever mode you play, the controls are easy and the billiards gameplay is realistic.Your task is to hit all the fully colored balls in the pockets by hitting a white ball. In 8 Ball Pool Classic you have to choose the direction and power of strike. Play this classic billard game online for free against the computer or together with a friend.The standard rules of billiards apply and you must try and pot the balls in color sequence. Use your mouse to aim with your snooker cue and click and drag the left mouse button to adjust the shot power, release when you are ready!

How to play?

Touch and drag to aim, then release to shoot.
Move your mouse to aim.
Drag left mouse button backwards to set a power, release to shoot.

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4/5/2019 7:10:20 PM

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8 Ball Billiards Classic

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8 Ball Billiards Classic Walkthrough Video - How to Play?