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Adventures Of Gyro Atoms


Gyro Atoms is a Cowardly lynx in giant gloves, jeans and shoes.

He resides in the Pixelverse. The world of computers which has 3 rhelms. Pirate Island, Ninja mountain and robot factory. 

Dr Chill has taken over the pixel verse and set up a network of black portals. Its up To gyro to defeat the evil dr and save the pixelverse.

Find the exit door in each level!

How to play?

Z: Jump
X hold: Aim
X release: Throw
C: Camera control

Down arrow: Duck
Left arrow: Move left
Right arrow: Move right

Boost jump: Down + Z
Style Bounce: Z while bouncing off enemy.

Walkthrough Video:

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11/3/2016 1:22:55 AM

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Action Adventure Adventures Atom Atoms Exit Exit Door Gyro Hop and Bop Level Newgrounds Pixel Pixelart Platform Platformer

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Adventures Of Gyro Atoms

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Adventures Of Gyro Atoms Walkthrough Video - How to Play?