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Apple Shooter Remastered


Apple Shooter Remastered is the updated classic apple archery game in which you have to shoot the apple off of the man's head with your super sharp arrows. You must make sure that you do not hit the man or as you can imagine it will not end well for him. Apple Shooter, the extremely funny game in which you have to shoot an arrow at an apple placed on top of a brave volunteer’s head, has been remastered and sent right back to the internet for more fun. In Apple Shooter Remastered you get to try your skills as an indian warrior. Try not to kill your friend or it might turn into a violent blood bath. Set the perfect direction and power, each time you hit the apple, you’ll step a bit further, so it gets harder each time. How many apples can you hit until you become a native-american assassin? Have fun with Apple Shooter 2! A brand new and remastered version of the famous Apple Shooter game. Try to hit all of the apples on top of the head while avoiding hurting your friend. The more apples you hit the higher your final score will be. With each new apple your distance changes making it even more challenging. You will score more point the less shots that you take however if you hit the man then it is game over. To begin with maybe aim high so that you can home in on the correct power and angle to get closer to the apple and then eventually hit it.

How to play?

Click or tap to aim and shoot. Move your mouse to adjust aim, left click to shoot.

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3/31/2019 11:11:48 PM

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Apple Shooter Remastered

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Apple Shooter Remastered Walkthrough Video - How to Play?