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Now enjoy classical nokia snake game in IO style, just click on play to start match with other players. Move your snake in 4 directions to either kill or get killed. Collect power ups to gain an edge over other players. Get bigger by eating others and became the grand snake master of the house. Class and retro themed snake game in a multiplayer world. Eat food and grow your snake as you try to fool other players into running into you. The biggest snake will appear at the top of the real time leaderboards. Keep growing as you try to become the best player on the server. is a version of the world-famous snakes game in which you control a pixel snake and must navigate around the play area collecting food. Just like the original snakes' game you are required to collect food to make your snake grow longer, this also increases your game score. Fan of classic games? Fan of IO games? Say no more, play this awesome Classic Snake .io multiplayer online game and try to become the largest snake on the screen. How to play? Just use your arrows or the WASD keys to control the snake in all 4 direction and the left click to boost. It’s just like the good old Snake game, only with lots of other players from all over the world. Eat orbs to grow and kill other snakes by getting on their ways to absorb their orbs to grow even larger. However in this edition, the difficulty is increased as you must not only avoid your own body whilst moving around but you must avoid the other snakes that are collecting food also. Another cool factor is the boost button, you can move super quick by using this however you will decrease in length as a result. Have fun with Classic Snakes IO!

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Swipe or Arrow Keys/WASD to move your snake.

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3/31/2019 10:00:01 PM

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