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This puzzle game is based on match 3 mechanism. You start with empty map, where you build fortresses which generate gold, and farms giving you food. The bigger farm – the more food. Same for fortresses and gold.

During the game you have to get achievements, which grant you skill points, which you can use to study skills. With new skills – you can do more, and it opens new horizons for you.

The world also contains secrets.. Knowing secrets gives you privileges over other players and your friends. Use nature powers to get higher scores, or share your knowledge among your friends, and get cookies!

You can always start the game from the menu in top right corner. Your last game is saved, so if you want to get back to tutorial – just check Tutorials menu option. Finished tutorial brings you skill points – so it is good to finish it.

How to play?

Drag new items from the bottom onto the map to create triples of same elements. These elements are generated randomly, with wood generated more frequently.

After third level woods and rocks become farms and fortresses respectively. They bring you income – food and gold coins. You can use those to purchase elements and spells, which perform special actions.

Don’t forget to finish tutorial to know all the features of the game.

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2/6/2016 12:50:21 AM

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Colony Element Elements Match 3 Matching Puzzle Strategy

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