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Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic


Doodle God: Fantasy World of Magic is another title from this fantastic puzzle series. Just as in the original Doodle God, you must use your brain and logic to combine together different elements and materials in your quest for knowledge. Your creative forces are needed once again. Return to the basic elements and combine them with magic to create a new world of fantastical beasts and powerful wizards. Start with the basic elements of water, wind, earth and yin/yang. You must use these different elements to create new ones. Dragons, Warlocks and Wizards... Enter an amazing world of Fantasy and Magic from the people that brought you Doodle God. This time you can dive into the world of magic and fantasy. Combine various elements and create new ones to advance in the game and make new discoveries. Simply click on one of the elements and choose a sub-category, and then choose an opposite element and sub-category. If they can combine together, you will create a new material! Mix and match hundreds of elements from the fantasy world ranging from Dragons, to dark magic to evil Sorcerers. Be a Powerful Wizard! There is a huge range of materials, elements and processes to unlock such as darkness, death, fire, light and angels. This game is a huge amount of fun and you will spend hours trying to unlock every item! Water, wind, earth and yin/yang will be your basic elements upon which you will build your knowledge. Good luck with your discoveries!

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Click or tap to interact.

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4/11/2019 2:08:43 PM

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Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic

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Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic Walkthrough Video - How to Play?