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Drag Race 3D


Drag Race 3D is a racing game. Compete with one other driver in a drag race. Pimp up and tune your car throughout the game. Earn money for upgrades by drag race wins.

In Drag Race 3D you have to win a number of motorway car races against different final bosses. Can you choose the right upgrades for your car using the prize money? Decide whether you want to buy more upgrades for your car or invest in a new car.

To win the race you must do more than buy the best car with the best upgrades. You’ll also have to use your driving skills to rev the engine with the right amount of power as you take off, and to switch gears at the right moment as you go. If you get the timing for both actions wrong it’ll cost you your speed!

In fact, it’ll cost you more than that, because you also get bonus prize money for a perfect start and an added bonus for every perfect gear change you make!

Have fun playing the exciting and addictive car racing game Drag Race 3D!

How to play?

Tap to Play / Mouse

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2/25/2019 3:14:59 PM

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Drag Race 3D

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Drag Race 3D Walkthrough Video - How to Play?