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The Red Bandit's Gang name Valevox came from Midland to steal the dragon's eggs in the floating Isle. You as The Protector of Dragon's Isle defends it from Valevox's Gang. Use your red dragon and the other dragons to defeat the red bandit armies!


- When your Red Dragon low health or stamina return to 'Cleric's Pedestal' (blue) in Dragon's Isle.
- When you have a lot of coins, upgrading hero & red dragon's stats in 'Blacksmith's Pedestal' (yellow) in Dragon's Isle.
- When you have a lot of coins, upgrading other dragon's skills in 'Hunter's Pedestal' (red) in Dragon's Isle.
- Mouse over on coins will make coins move toward you.

How to play?

Defend the island, collect coins and survive from the bandits!

A,S,W,D buttons - Movements.
Direction of Mouse - Targeting.
Click Left Mouse button - Shot Fireball.
Hold Click Left Mouse button & release- Shot 5 Fireballs (Pierce Attack).
SPACE button - Summon Wyvern.
P button - Paused.
M button - Mute/Unmute.

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12/4/2016 1:09:03 PM

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Action Animal Defense Dragon Fire Wyvern Fly Good Hero Kids Multidirectional Protect Red Tower Tower Defense Wyvern

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