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FullSpeed Racing


FullSpeed Racing is a fun 3D pixel car racing game in a retro style with great supercars and challenging race events. Where in this retro racing game online the main goal of the game is to drive as fast as possible while keeping the supercars on the road and make awesome drifts to get to the finish line. Also, the main important fact is that you must pass through the checkpoints or collect the checkpoints before the time runs out. You can use nitro to boost the car speed, but it will run out eventually. To recharge the nitro try to drive as close as possible to the car's sideways or that are coming from the front. If you want to become a good drifter then this racing car driving game it's the perfect game for you to teach you how you can constantly drift while speeding on curves and slowly increase the speed of the cars. Test and unblock six different cars from the garage, and when you have the money you can upgrade the car's max speed, acceleration, steering, and turbo. Each of the car stats can be upgraded up to five-time and here are also beautiful colors to paint the car as you desire. Also the faster you drive and the faster you reach the checkpoints the more points you get and money. The time(seconds) that remains at the end of each level it's transformed into gold coins, the more money you have the faster cars you can buy and tune! Good Luck!

How to play?

Arrow Keys, WASD or Mouse: Drive/Turbo
Shift: Drift

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6/18/2021 2:00:18 PM

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FullSpeed Racing

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FullSpeed Racing Walkthrough Video - How to Play?