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Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics! Swing as far as you can but be careful not to lose to many body parts! Avoid the buzz saws and collect coins to unlock new characters! Fresh new take on the Hanger game series. Help your stickman swing from platform to platform using a rope. Avoid spiky objects as you attempt to travel as far as possible while keeping your limbs! Once you lose all of your limbs it is game over for you. Try to beat your high score with each new attempt. First it was Tarzan, then it was Spider-Man. Now it's you! In the funny little dexterity game Hanger, you get to swing on long ropes, throw new ones ahead and let go of the old ones. Advance in each level by keeping your guy from crashing into the ground, the ceiling or any objects you may find along the way. Because if you do, the result is a little awkward. Hanger is the totally awesome arcade game in which you get to swing like Spiderman through the air avoiding obstacles to travel as far as you can. You will control a ragdoll character and have to swing from rope that you create that attaches to the ceiling and keeps you airborne while navigating the level. Blood, lost limbs and the agonized bleeding of a pixel character, who just wants to get away from you. Let's not dwell on that. Instead, think of all the fun you can have with Hanger! Swinging and flying and definitely not smashing into solid objects! Your timing of when you choose to shoot your rope is key, press too early and you will be too high and press to late and you will be too low resulting in body parts being lost! Hit the sweet spot to safely pass the obstacles. Travel as far as you can as the level progressively gets harder to beat your high score.

How to play?

Click or tap to use rope. 

Arrow Keys: Swing
Space bar: Let go/Throw rope
Enter: Hang
Space bar: Hang/Release

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4/1/2019 12:57:31 PM

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Hanger Walkthrough Video - How to Play?

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