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New Season Soccer Challenge


A Point and Click Adventure with a Soccer twist.

In this amazing sequel to our hit game Can you sign Messi?; you take back on the role of the intern who has now been promoted to Assistant to the Chairman.

The team you work for, Crapston Town, have been promoted to the Premier League and splashed the cash on a new stadium and a few star players. You have to help them get ready for their first game of the season; which kicks off tomorrow! The Chairman has been napping, and there is a lot to do.

The new Coach, Mr.Parpew has lost his special multi-coloured training balls; and he believes that without them he cannot win a game. Can you help him find them?

The pitch is overgrown and in no state for a game of football to be played on. The mower is broken beyond repair. Can you find a way to fix it?

The teams star signing Wayne Splooney is too busy playing FIFA 2015 to train. Can you get him out of the bath and on to the pitch?

The teams major loan signing Marious Ballytelly is not in the stadium. Where is he and why is he not training?

Speaking of missing, where is Mr Cheese, the clubs mascot?

Finally, the teams goalie has a hand injury, how are you going to fix that?

We hope you enjoy this Point and Click Adventure game.

How to play?

Use your mouse to navigate rooms and to pick up and use objects.

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10/23/2016 11:43:15 AM

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New Season Soccer Challenge

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New Season Soccer Challenge Walkthrough Video - How to Play?