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Kingdom of Solaris has always been protected by light of holy lighthouse. One day however, the lights disappeared, plunging the kingdom into darkness.

However, all hope is not lost. One day a young wizard Lucia arrived, and used all her strength to create a ball of light powerful enough to lit the lighthouse again!

While the orb is very powerful, it's also very unstable. A slightest bump can cause the orb to explode! Lucia needs to use the orb to light her way, while trying to keep the orb intact. Will she be able to end the age of darkness?

How to play?

- Use Arrow Keys or WASD to control Lucia.
- Press down or S to enter doors.
- Use mouse to control orb of light. Beware that it explodes if it hits walls, platforms or goes off screen.
- Esc returns you to main menu and skips the intro.
- M mutes and unmutes music.
- R restarts the current room.

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1/4/2014 4:17:26 PM

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