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Use math equations to draw spirals and animate objects.

Equation Creations invites children of all ages to explore the fun side of math equations. In one section, math is used to draw beautiful spirals. By changing the variables in the equation, a variety of intricate patterns are formed. In another, math equations are used to animate characters and objects at the park, at a concert, and on a distant planet. While the math behind drawing and animation is advanced, everyone can play with the variables in the equations and see the results. The goal of Equation Creations is to show that math has a playful side. If you're only solving equations, you're missing half the fun!

Intended for kids. Equation Creations is NOT designed to be a drawing or animation tool.

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Essential Skills:

Real World Math - Use math in an engaging context.
Problem Solving - Assign values to variables to create a specific outcome.
Visualize Concepts - Learn how trig functions can be used to draw and animate.
Exploration - Play with advanced math concepts.

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10/16/2016 10:56:45 PM

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