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Stickman Maverick Bad Boys Killer


You are the ultimate stickman soldier and your mission is to kill all the bad boys. To achieve your goal, you will have access to tons of weapons, new stickman characters, huge mecha and other amazing mass destruction weapons! Are you going to exterminate all the bad boys in this stickman massacre game? You are the ultimate stickman soldier. Kill the bad guys or die!

This game is just a huge destruction game. If you are good enough, you will kill thousand of stickman. Kill, kill, kill. What a pure pleasure! What a unique enjoyment! Yeah Baby! it's raining bullets!

You can’t stop shooting at them? You indeed better not stop because defeat is not an option, you play to win or you die. Head shot, body shot, mega explosions... do whatever it needs to survive!

How to play?

Arrow Keys or WASD: Move
Spacebar: Shoot

Walkthrough Video:

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6/19/2021 8:59:19 PM

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Stickman Maverick Bad Boys Killer

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Stickman Maverick Bad Boys Killer Walkthrough Video - How to Play?