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Tinysasters 2


Can you develop a thriving civilization on a tiny tile-based world?

It's not as easy as it sounds! You'll have to fight your way through natural disasters that reconfigure the ground and make your life harder. The more advanced your civilization gets, the more often the disasters come...

Complete the 12 missions and take up the challenge of the endless mode and the time attack mode that you'll unlock!


Click on a tile to build stuff on it.

Forest - sawmill
Grasslands - city, farm, temple, factory, school
Ocean - blue shrine
Mountain - grey shrine, nexus
Desert - nothing!

First thing to do: click on a grasslands tile, build a city.

When a building is not available, it means that your civilization is not advanced enough. The age of your civilization is equal to the level of your best city.

To build shrines, you must build a temple first.

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8/20/2016 1:07:21 PM

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Tinysasters 2

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Tinysasters 2 Walkthrough Video - How to Play?