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Acid Bunny 2


Acid Bunny comes back! This time all the action takes place on the beach, the ocean and in the jungle as well as another Down Below level. The game has a whole range of new mini games with new cut scenes, narration and a lot of other new fun stuff! All Acid Bunny wanted was a lovely day at the beach with his friends. Unfortunately, while playing volleyball, his intense hallucinations resulting from his bunny mother's drug use while he was in the bunny womb, have led him to mistake Mr. Panda for a ball that needed serving and spiking. With Mr. Panda now in pieces, Acid Bunny knows that it his duty to put him back together again, no matter how many of his bunny brothers will try to stop him! Move, jump, and double jump with the [arrow] keys, exploring the world around you, collecting the 24 spools needed to resurrect Mr. Panda, along with his missing head and torso. To get some of them, you'll need to pick up the sea shells scattered about, which can be traded for admission into minigame competitions with spools as the grand prize. There are enemies to be bopped, or your can throw carrots at them with [A]. There are various vehicles and items you can ride, which you'll enter automatically, using [S] to dismount. There are also mushrooms to collect, which will allow you to see the magical portals that will take you to bouncy trippy bonus game land.

How to play?

Arrow keys: Move, jump, and double jump. A: Throw Carrots. S: Dismount/Let Go.

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11/3/2013 2:37:50 PM

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Acid Bunny 2

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Acid Bunny 2 Walkthrough Video - How to Play?