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Funny Bunny


Bunnies went skiing and got lost. On the way home bunnies are endangered by their rivals - Foxes. Foxes could eat bunnies, so let's help bunnies to get home! A home of bunnies is marked with a flag. How can we help bunnies? We can show them a way by placing arrows. Bunnies and foxes can fall into a pit. Be careful!

How to play?

Mouse click (drag and drop).

- Bring the bunnies to the flag.
- Set the pointer to change the direction of the character.
- Pointers can be moved on the field or even removed.
- You goes around the pits and foxes.
- The collision with the wall character wants to rotate in a clockwise direction, if there is also a wall, then he turns clockwise.

Walkthrough Video:

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11/19/2016 11:53:13 AM

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Funny Bunny

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Funny Bunny Walkthrough Video - How to Play?