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Checkers Legend


This has got to be one of the most famous tabletop games for families. It’s one thing to beat your friend at checkers, but to become a real Checkers Legend, you have to think at least three moves ahead. You know this board game, right? Move your pieces diagonally, and jump over your opponent’s pieces to remove them from the board. It’s a true test of strategy, just like a real war. What’s the difference between a winner and a loser? Smart thinking, good offense, and an even better defense.

The classic and very simple board game everyone knows from their childhood. It comes in many variants, so the game provides rules settings.

Move your stones diagonally forward and capture opponent stones by jumping over them. It is a very well-known and simple board game for two players, so you can find the basic rules anywhere. There are more variants how to play this game, so we provide options to set additional rules the way you like – for example whether men can capture backwards, how far a king can move, or if available captures are mandatory moves.

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10/15/2021 9:16:12 PM

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Checkers Legend

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Checkers Legend Walkthrough Video - How to Play?