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Civilizations Wars 2 Prime


The very long awaited sequel to the hit fast thinking RTS/RPG game. Your Evil Wizard Highness once were resting, when voice from above said, that you need a successor, and to nurture such one, you need to kidnap Exotic Princess, so you took your army and made a legendary rush through enemy grounds. Your Prime Legend in world of Civilizations Wars 2 begins… Battle through levels, learn spells and skills, conquer huge monster! Kidnap Exotic Princess!!! Create your Legend!!!

How to play?

Click and hold your mouse over your building to select it. While still holding, move your mouse over a building you'd like attack and release. - To select multiple buildings, click, hold, and drag across up to 15 buildings and release on a building you'd like to attack. Mouse/Keyboard [1-0] to use spells. Houses generate people. Crystals, give crystal energy (to use spells), and increases the speed of your troops. The more people inside, the more crystals you'll get. Towers increase defense o

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12/6/2013 7:50:07 PM

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Civilizations Wars 2 Prime

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Civilizations Wars 2 Prime Walkthrough Video - How to Play?