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LEGO Star Wars Empire vs Rebels


Fight against the evil Galactic Empire and play as resistance fighters from Star Wars: Rebels, LEGO style. Don't miss out on the LEGO Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebels game if you want to become a part of the legendary space saga! The Resistance's search for Luke Skywalker is one of the most exciting moments in the series. Now you have the chance to experience it first hand! Move from one planet to the other and find the boy who can yield the power of the Force like no other!

The game consists of four exciting levels, each taking place in a different corner of the galaxy. Navigate through all of these thrilling platform challenges, destroy Stormtroopers, and find the map towards Luke's location. This combination between two legendary franchises, LEGO and Star Wars, will prove to be a formidable yet enjoyable challenge!

Don't forget about all the Stormtroopers you'll find on the way! You can beat them up using the lightsaber, grenades, or even by jumping on them. However, they might take you out if you aren't careful!

Whenever your character gets hit, you'll be teleported to the last checkpoint you passed by. However, if you take the wrong route, you might find that you need to restart the entire level.

Stop hesitating and just start exploring the galaxy! With a bit of skill and a lot of perseverance, your Resistance fighter will find his way towards Luke's location. Thanks to your legendary platform and puzzle-solving abilities, the galaxy has become a little safer. Keep fighting for the Light in this addictive game, and you'll have a lot of fun!

Take control of the protagonist, a fighter for the Resistance! Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move around the level. Whenever you need to jump, simply press Up.

Your protagonist can also use a Lightsaber. Isn't that awesome? You can swing it by pushing the Space Bar. You can also throw grenades! Just use the G key, then get out of the ay before the explosion hits you!

Can you find all three Holocrons on the planet? You'll have to jump from one platform to the other, discovering a way to the end of the level, where R2-D2 will be waiting for you.

You'll also come across plenty of obstacles that you can only surpass by using different buttons, boxes, and switches. This platform challenges will also test your puzzle-solving skills!

How to play?

Arrow Keys: Move
Spacebar: Attack
G: Throw a grenade

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6/25/2023 1:03:38 PM

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LEGO Star Wars Empire vs Rebels

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