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Diamond Rush


Be fast as lightning and make combinations of same-colored jewels! Can you earn a high score in this action-packed Match 3 game?

Diamond Rush - The quickest Match 3 Game ever!

The stunning successor to the original HTML5 game classic Jewelish. Bigger, better, quicker and much more beautiful. But how to play this wonderful puzzle game and become a Jewel Star?

1. Swipe jewels to match at least three together.
2. Repeat as quick as you can!
3. You’ve got 60 seconds. No pressure.

Diamond Rush is all about 60 thrilling seconds of exploding jewels and beating the highscore. Switch jewels with a swipe of your finger to match 3 or more of them together. The more similar jewels you connect at once the better. Because this will earn you more points and you will receive a special jewel with a certain ability. Which will earn you even more points!

What abilities, you ask? Check this out:

Destroy 3 jewels:
You get only points, nothing else. Let’s be honest. This is not a challenge at all. A blindfolded monkey could do that.

Destroy 4 jewels in line:
Now we’re talking! This is where the fun begins. If you destroy 4 jewels in line you will receive a special bomb jewel that will erase all stones directly adjacent to it.

Destroy 5 jewels in line:
Pro-level right here! You will get a universal super awesome mega jewel. If you swipe this gem on any other one, all jewels of this color will explode. BAAAM! Just like that.

Destroy an L-shape or T-shape:
If you manage to destroy jewels formed in the shape of an “L” or a “T” that consist of five jewels in total, the resulting power-up is an electro gem that will zap away all jewels cross-wise. Very helpful.

If you want to earn the big points you will have to master these techniques. Diamond Rush only demands two things from you: a trained eye and a very quick swiping finger. But be aware: once you have started you're likely to become a true Jewel maniac!

- Highscore Game.
- Match 3 perfection.
- Awesome sound and visuals.
- Power-ups.
- HTML5 Puzzle game.

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10/15/2021 11:30:09 PM

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Diamond Rush

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Diamond Rush Walkthrough Video - How to Play?