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Endless Siege


Endless Siege is a tower defense game where you survive endless waves of enemies. Add various defense towers in tactical locations to defeat the sieging enemies. Level the towers up and upgrade them to more powerful units. See how many waves you can survive before being overrun by a horde of warring beasts! This game is inspired by Anuto TD.

Prepare yourself for a truly Endless Siege. While orcs have unlimited resources to raid your castle, you’ll have to deploy a smart layout of tower to set your defensive structure. Each day features a different map and players can compete thanks to the optional leaderboard feature.

To play Endless Siege, place turrets in the available spots. At the start of the game, you should place these turrets near the entrance where the enemies will be arriving. When you’ve prepared your defenses, hit the ‘next wave’ button to start the first wave.

You can level up, upgrade, and sell your defenses before and during enemy waves. The starting defense weapons are:

- Ballista
- Torch
- Cannon
- Timewarp

Much later in the game, you can upgrade these weapons to entirely new, more technologically advanced defense towers. These upgraded weapons are significantly more powerful but also cost a lot of gold. In the earlier rounds, save some gold in anticipation of these upgrades.

A new map everyday! Play everyday for a brand new challenge as you try to top wave after wave of invaders trying to destroy your kingdom. Place your defenses along the path, then purchase upgrades to help you survive. The longer you survive the higher your end score will be. Check back every day to play the map of the day.

How to play?

Click or tap to place your defenses.

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10/18/2021 11:48:11 PM

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Endless Siege

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Endless Siege Walkthrough Video - How to Play?