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Killer Z's


The jolly adventures of the raccoon named Rigby and the blue jay named Mordecai continue!

Killer Z’s finds Mordecai fighting mixed-up enemies in a strange dream world. When Mordecai falls asleep while playing video games, he gets trapped in a game-like dream filled with bad guys that are bizarre versions of his friends. Luckily, he has Pops and Margaret to guide him, but he’ll need to level up, unlock upgrades and learn new skills if he wants to make it to the end. And if he doesn’t beat the final boss battle, he might never wake up from his dream! Help Mordecai face magic and mayhem as he battles to escape the dream world.

How to play?

WASD to move.
Click to attack.
Move the mouse to aim.

Walkthrough Video:

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10/30/2017 10:56:10 PM

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Action Adventure Cartoon CartoonNetwork CN Kids Margaret Mordecai Pixel Platform Pops Regular Show Rigby Shooter

Original Name:

Killer Z's

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Killer Z's Walkthrough Video - How to Play?