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Into Space 3: Xmas Story


Oh no! Greedy aliens exploded the gifts factory! All the gifts are scattered around the atmosphere and aliens are trying to steal them. Santa is missing and the elves are in despair. Help them recover all the gifts to save Christmas!

Some tips:

- Boosters are permanent, pick up booster’s fuel to use them again.
- Do not worry about hitting speed gates, you can’t collide with them.
- See a UFO – Hit it! It will drop sweets and gifts, but be careful, your rocket will be damaged too. Destroy a UFO and you will get even more gifts.
- Buy armor to destroy objects without harm.
- Missions not only give you sweets for upgrades, they also slightly increase your fuel.
- Do not forget to turn off your main engine with “S” or “Down” buttons for better maneuvers.
- You can hold a space bar button to call self-destruct timer at any time.

How to play?

Explained in-game.

- Up arrow button or “W” key – use booster.
- Down arrow button or “S” key – turn off engine.
- Left arrow button or “A” key – turn left.
- Right arrow button or “D” key – turn right.
- “1” key – activate Speed power-up.
- “2” key – activate Refuel power-up.
- “3” key – activate Repair power-up.

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12/26/2013 11:43:16 PM

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Into Space 3: Xmas Story

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