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World Wars 2


World Wars 2 is the sequel to your favorite strategic war game, World Wars. It's not over yet, soldiers! Another mess of maps to conquer. Your objective in this online game is to gain as much territory as possible. Choose how many armies you want to defeat at once, and prepare for battle. Once you’re in battle mode, prepare a plan on how to take over the map without losing your own bases. Once you end your turn, you’re vulnerable until the other side finishes all of their attacks. Don’t be a sitting duck! Join and play this interesting and unique game based on war.

Hello, all RISK board game fans! World Wars 2 is all about epic battles and brilliant strategy. World Wars 2 will surely remind you of the popular board game Risk, to me it looks more like a cool strategy game of yesteryear, with the name of Axis & Allies.

To play World Wars 2, use your mouse to click on your troops and then click on the ones you want to attack. You can choose your own map or you can choose a randomized one. Pay attention to where your territories are at the beginning as you’ll have an easier time winning if your areas are adjacent to each other. Select how many armies you’d like to be up against--all of which will be an AI. Each number on the map represents the number of units and how many dice are tossed. You’ll find cards at the bottom tab that will offer you advantages to winning the game.

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6/13/2021 2:01:25 PM

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World Wars 2

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World Wars 2 Walkthrough Video - How to Play?